I was walking by Mastercuts in Eden Prairie mall yesterday and I saw the Twitter bird in a window advertisement for Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree products.

See for yourself.

Tea Tree Body Advertisement


Twitter Logo & Branding

Twitter Logo & Branding

Looks to me like someone has some explaining to do.


enSue has pointed out that the bird also shows up in a WordPress theme by Randa Clay.


Bluebird WordPress Theme

Bluebird WordPress Theme

This is leading us to believe that the bird is a stock graphic available for anyone to use.  This also means that there is no Twitter bird, just a bird that shows up on Twitter’s homepage.  

If you head over to iStockPhoto, helloyiying is more than likely who created the original graphics.  This artist has many Twitter like settings and even a graphic of the now famous, fail whale.  Fail whale, and the bird above, no longer seem to be available though.  Maybe someone bought them outright.

Mystery Solved???

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