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Sugarland : Enjoy the Ride

Sugarland - Enjoy the RideThe much anticipated (at least by me) new Sugarland album was released this week and it’s great. Unlike other artists, they still have all the magic the with the second album as they did with the first. Heck, I still really enjoy the first album. From energetic songs to powerful ballads, Enjoy the Ride is well worth the download (or in store purchase if you’re into that).


If you purchase from iTunes, you get two videos and the digital booklet too. 🙂

Track Listing:

1. Settlin’ (My current favorite track)
2. County Line
3. Want To
4. Everyday America
5. Happy Ending
6. These Are The Days (Duet with both band members and Kristian Bush sounds like Bon Jovi)
7. One Blue Sky
8. April Showers
9. Mean Girls
10. Stay
11. Sugarland

If you enjoyed the first album, Twice the Speed of Life, you’ll love this album too!

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