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Christmas on a Mac

Talk about your overabundance of holiday spirit. It seems that Mac developers are creating more than a few great holiday apps this year. Here is a quick list of some of my favorites.

  1. Sno – This has been around for a while but has nice falling flakes on your screen.
  2. MacLampsX – One of my long time favorites as it adds customizable lights to the sides of your screen. Very festive.
  3. Snjor – A new snowing app that has little snow orbs that look quite nice. It’s suppose to collect on windows too but doesn’t for me.
  4. Snowy – I’m still figuring out this one. It creates basic snowflakes that fall but you also get little snowmen that appear on the screen and penguins that walk around. There are also a few trees and snow on the bottom of your screen.
  5. Holiday Lights – This little app puts holiday lights around individual windows. Granted, they need to be Cocoa (I think that’s right) apps like Safari. It won’t work around Firefox windows.
  6. Mac Lights – This is another app to put Christmas lights on your desktop. The lights are quite big but do look pretty. Not as many options as MacLampsX though.
  7. SantaSnaps – This is a clone of PhotoBooth but adds fun Christmas elements.
  8. MacGiftWrap – Nicely wraps up your desktop folders with ribbon and bows.

Lets not forget the Present Growl style and Tinseltown, the Christmas Firefox theme too.

There are other apps over at the Holiday Cocoa Duel that you can grab and check out.

If you are looking for more of ‘regular’ app, MacSanta is giving out. 20% off some of your favorite applications. With deals like that, it’s hard to say no.

What have I missed? Plenty I’m sure. Leave your comments below or post your favorites on your blog and link back here for reference. Lets see how many great holiday apps we can come up with.

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