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CSSFly – Edit any Website Now

DownloadSquad told us about a great new tool yesterday called CSSFly. It’s not a Firefox addon, or additional software, it’s an XHTML based tool that allows you to see and edit the source code of any website at a push of a bookmarklet.

CSSFly creates a frame at the top of your browser where you can see the source HTML or source CSS file and you are allowed to make edits. The edits then update in real time. Great for troubleshooting web design issues or digging though someone else’s source to figure out how they archived a certain technique.

Best of all, it’s free. My initial thoughts and tests are very positive. However I’d like to see Safari support and source code coloring if possible. Those are minor though. It’s a very cool tool and one that I’ll keep handy.

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  1. rickdog says:

    i suppose IE users would want this, but Firebug for Firefox already does this and 100 times more…

  2. Thomas says:

    Firebug is very cool. But IE, Safari, Opera, SeaMonkey, Flock and many other browsers can’t install Firebug. So this is a great alternative.

  3. Stephen Blignault says:

    Ooo a Firebug on a non FF browser, excellent. Been looking for something like this… as long as it does the basics of Firebug, that’s cool.

  4. Thomas says:

    Not as cool as Firebug Stephen, but still pretty sweet.

  5. Noah says:

    I think it could be a handy tool to have…I’ll post a link on my site to get some feedback…

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