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Will Big & Rich Have the Most Popular Wedding Song of 2007?

It’s hard to believe that the hick hop (country and rap) duo of Big & Rich burst onto the scene just a few years ago with Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy. They’ve been rockin’ it ever since and there seems to be a surprise around each corner. What’s next? Well that perfect wedding song of course!

Lost In This Moment is the first single off their upcoming album and it captures the wedding day almost perfectly. I can see it being chosen as the ‘first dance’ song by many couples and it could quite possibly be the biggest wedding song of 2007.

It’s hard to picture this unique duo doing something so heartfelt and innocent, especially after you see the Comin’ To Your City video, however Big & Rich have done ballads in the past with Holy Water & 8th of November. This time though, Lost In This Moment appeals to a much larger audience and I know they’ve got a big hit on their hands.

Most people would think your crazy for having a song by Big & Rich be your first dance song, but not anymore.

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Thanks to YouTube for the song preview:

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