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YamiPod – Free Mac & PC iPod Backup Program

When I decided to backup my iPod today, I found out my Life2Go application has quit production and was unable to read the music on my iPod. So I went out to MacUpdate to find another. That’s when I came across YamiPod.

YamiPod is a free application for Mac, Windows and Linux that will manage the music on your iPod. I downloaded it, exported all my songs to a DVD and am burning a backup disk as we speak. This is a great example of a free application that just works.

YamiPod has a few other features too besides being able to backup your iPod. Like removing duplicates, finding lost tracks, lyrics, notes and back up playlists.

It’s a great application and one I suggest everyone check out. Plus, you should backup your iPod at least once a month as you never know when it’ll just freak out on you. 😉

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  1. Terry says:


  2. Raymond says:


  3. Raymond says:

    i hope to recover the songs

  4. Gherry says:

    Thanks man!
    My iPod crashes and other backup tools can’t even connect with my iPod (not even iTunes). But YamiPod can read the songs and backup them and IT”S FREE! =)

  5. Georg says:

    Program doesn’t work with ipod nano 5G.

    • Thomas says:

      Unfortunately I don’t think the software creator has keep it updated. There are plenty of other optons out there though.

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