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Leopard Targets Windows Users via iTunes

What’s the best way to convert a Windows user to a Mac? Give them something they are familiar with. With Mac OS 10.5, aka Leopard, Apple integrates the iTunes interface, that both Mac and Windows users are use to, into the Finder.

First off there is Coverflow, the handy little application that Apple bought from a Mac developer. It really showcases album artwork in iTunes and now does the same thing for documents and images in the Finder.

Second is the sidebar. With the same look and feel and functionality as iTunes, the Finder now replicates iTunes’ sidebar.

Third is the look and feel. The Finder in 10.5 will match the iTunes 7 look and feel. From the smooth metal to the metal menu bar icons. It’s all coming together.

Apple has really thought this through. The introduction of  iTunes 7 over a year ago was a bigger deal that most realize. It’s really a huge step in getting the Windows, and Mac, users use to the new look and feel of Mac OS 10.5 without having to have a Mac necessarily.

Now, when a Windows user thinks about converting over, they’ll already be familiar with the look and functionality of the Mac. Smart Apple, very smart.

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