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Style Sheets

Style Sheets: Everyday I’m more and more amazed with style sheets. Today I used cold fusion to query a database, then looped the output arrays and used style sheets to display different positions on the screen. Kind of like putting push pins on a map to remember where you were. Best of all, since it is to show movement, one frame at a time, each time you hit the next button the page refreshes and the style sheets update the image positions with the new data. Press the next/back buttons fast enough you’ve got, what looks like, motion! I also figured out that you can put in a style sheet with media=”print” and then, when you hit print, the page will print off differently than it appears. This helps hide things and can make a web page much more printer friendly without hurting the on screen design. I’m going to make an example, probably tomorrow, so stop back and see what I’m talking about. As far as the CSS dynamic positioning, I whish I could show the project, but not until it’s done.

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