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Live Music: We got invited out to see some live music last night and it was a blast. Four bands played, however we only stayed for three. The concerts were at the Fine Line Music Cafe in Downtown Minneapolis and the bands included Stolen By Serious, Rockford, Subcytal Confessions and Fast Turbo Fire Engine. We didn’t stick around for Fast Turbo Fire Engine as it was getting to late but the other tree bands were pretty good. Stolen By Serious was ok, but I didn’t think they were great. Maybe next time. Rockford was awesome. I think they were the best of the three we saw. They have a great alternative sound and I’m thinking about going to the CD release party next week so I can grab a CD. However the band we went to see was Subcytal Confessions. My friends brother plays in it so she invited us down. They had quite a bit of ‘technical difficulties’ but all in all they were a pretty good band. I’d like to see them again sometime, but in the meantime I grabbed a CD so I’ll check out the music on there.

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