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Todo – A Great Little iPod Task List

I’ve been waiting and waiting for the Apple App Store.  One of the items I really wanted was a checklist so I could keep track of things I needed at the store and tasks to be done, all without being connected to the internet.  Now I have that in Todo.

Todo is a $10 application that specializes in creating task lists on your iPod Touch or iPhone.  It’s pretty basic in use, but does allow for multiple task lists, priorities, due dates, notes and more.  You can even customize the line that crosses out a completed item.

All of that is good, but one feature took it to the next level; synchronization.  Todo will synchronize your tasks with Remember the Milk (pro account) or Toodledo (free).  This is the money feature for me.  I wanted to be able to put in tasks on a computer yet sync them to my iPod, and the other way around too.  I didn’t want my data stuck online or just on my iPod.

With Todo for $10, and a free Toodleo account, I have exactly what I’ve been looking for!

As a plus, Toodleo comes with many additional features including Twitter integration, Firefox extension, Adobe Air application, Netvibes & iGoogle widgets, Google & iCal subscriptions and so much more.


Todo Task List Screen

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