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Echofon for Mac returns from the Twitter deadpool.

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Back in October, Echofon released a statement saying that they were ending support for their Mac Twitter application. They had no plans on updating to Twitter’s API version 1.1 and so it’s days were numbered.

However, just today, they quietly updated the desktop app with API 1.1 support so it’ll live on. Not only did they upgrade the API support, but they also had various bug fixes. Oddly enough, it seems that my ads are gone too.  Actually the ads are still there, they are just so subtle that I don’t always notice them.

Interestingly enough Echofon has not said a word about it. It’s not on their blog, it’s not been tweeted, and it doesn’t show on Facebook. Nothing.

I’ve been using Echofon everyday and have been holding on as long as I could. I’ve tried many other Twitter apps but nothing has the feature set that Echofon has.

Echofon has inline images (including Instagram and Youtube) highlighted phrases, ability to maintain scroll position when new tweets arrive, shows display name & username on tweets, menu bar icon that highlights when you have new DMs or mentions, multiple account support, searches synced with Twitter, unread sync so you can keep your devices all up to date, and other cool features. Plus it looks nice.

Sure, a lot of other apps have some of these features, but not all.

I’ve been looking at switching to Osfoora but the highlighting of the menu bar icon on new tweets annoys me. It may seem like a tiny thing, but it’s not to me.

TweetBot looks great, but I can’t get past the $20 price tag.

I’m holding out for a sweet Twitterrific 5 update, but it’s not here yet.

And Twitters own client is behind in the game. Until recently, it didn’t even support Twitter URL shortening or Twitter image uploading. That’s how far behind it has fallen.

The number of good Mac twitter application is dwindling and I’m just happy to have Echofon for just a bit longer.

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