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iPepsi – The Showdown

Here it is time for the second Pepsi and iTunes, or as I like to call it iPepsi, free music giveaway. This year they are giving out free downloadable music again and lots of chances to win Pepsi iPod minis!! So I stopped at the PDQ gas station this morning and picked up my first bottle and I thought I’d be fun to keep track and see how my odds really were at the end. Granted that means I have to drink more pop and actually buy the overpriced 20 ouncers too. šŸ™„

1 – iPepsi
1 – Me

Oh and a little tidbit for you. I bought a Wild Cherry Pepsi and did you know it contains no juice! OMG! First they tell me pop corn isn’t a vegetable and now Wild Cherry Pepsi isn’t juice. Ohh man. šŸ˜‰

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