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Daughtry may have lost the rock, but gained much more.

Baptized Album ArtI’ve been a Chris Daughtry fan since American Idol. Yes, I’ll admit it, I use to watch Idol back then.

Whenever he has a new music come out, I’m always one of the first to download. However, this time I was not.

When I first heard the single Superman, I was disappointed. It wasn’t that rockin’ song I was hoping for and use to. It was something else, and I just ignored it.

When I heard I could stream the new album, I listened to the whole thing and wasn’t too impressed. Something was different, something was missing. Where was the rock and roll?

Then I listened again, and again. Before I knew it I was hooked. The sound is different but it’s good. The songs have more heart and soul.

I’m willing to bet that having two kids changed his perspective as it usually does when artists gain families.

Daughtry may have changed their style somewhat on their latest album, Baptized, but give it a chance. I wasn’t a huge fan at first but now I can’t get the songs out of my head. I keep going back and listening over and over again.

Daughtry may have pissed some fans off with this album, but he’s going to gain so many more. Definitely worth the purchase.

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