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My Gift To You – Free iOS Apps!

iOS Apps

With over a million apps in the App store, you could put a serious dent in your bank account trying to purchase all the ones you want. Thankfully AppShopper is here to help us keep track of the apps we want and help us get them for free.

AppShopper IconAppShopper is a website, and iOS app, that tracks iOS and Mac applications. They can tell you when apps are updated, when they change in price, and their price history. I use all this information to get paid apps for free or on sale.

Once you setup an AppShopper account, you can start adding apps to your wish list. Next time that app gets updated, or changes in price, AppShopper will alert you.

For example, my daughter really likes the Dr. Panda and Toca Boca apps so I added them to my wish list. I’ve since gotten quite a few for free instead of the $3 per app price. That savings adds up quickly.

Now not all apps go free, but you can look at the pricing history on AppShopper and see if your app ever changes in price. That way you know if you should wait and score a deal, or if you should just buy it now.

For example, TweetBot for iPhone has gone on sale in December the past two years. I think I’ll hold out and see if that happens again before paying full price.

Tweetbot iPhone Prices

The history for TweetBot for Mac however tells me that the price has never changed. Waiting for a sale could mean you’re waiting a long time. Might as well buy it now.

Tweetbot Prices

Then there are other apps that just play around with pricing. Alpha-Trader usually sells for $999 but often drops to $499. It also drops to free for a few hours every now and then. That’s a HUGE savings.

Alpha Trader Prices

Barcelona vs Madrid is the same way. $349 most days, but quite often free. Why drop that kind of money when you could wait and get it for free?

Barcelona vs Madrid Prices

With any app the price drop could be for a few hours or a few days. You never know. Getting an alert will help ensure you have the best shot at getting it before the price increases again.

Even if you don’t sign-up for alerts, AppShopper shows you all the recent apps that have dropped in price. Every day I check the iOS apps that dropped from paid to free to see if there is anything I’d be interested in. I usually look at the top ten or twenty to see if any peak my interest. You never know what you’ll find.

So as my gift to you, I encourage you to check out AppShopper and get the app on your iOS device. Then setup your wish list and start getting deals on apps.

Bonus Gift: Get a year of ad free Weather Underground.

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