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Need a quick way to store and access notes? Get NoteAway.

I recently came across NoteAway and it’s a great little app for quickly storing notes.

NoteAway ScreenShot

NoteAway sits in the menubar and just waits until you need it. Once activated, you get a new note and you can just start typing. Previous notes are listed below and are easily accessible.

Notes sync to iCloud, automatically save, and can be formatted anyway you want. The window layout and color is customizable and you can even keep it on your screen if you don’t want it disappearing.

NoteAway is free to use and test out. There is no limit to the number of notes or length. I was very happy with the free version which made me want to the paid version.

For a few bucks, the paid version gives you more features. You get to organize notes with tags and stars, you can move your notes to DropBox or another cloud sync service, and you get the ability to search through your notes.

The only downside currently is the lack of an iOS or web app. If I’m away from my computer, I’m away from my notes. Mobile apps are being worked on though.

I’ve got Notes from Apple, SimpleNote, Evernote and others, but what I really wanted was a simple app that sat in the menu bar, had a good set of features without going overboard, and was low-cost. This fits all those.

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