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Connect your iPhone to your Mac to make calls. Pre Yosemite.

Connect Calling WindowA few months ago I was working from home and I wanted to make and receive calls via my iPhone, but do it on my Mac. I did some research and came across Connect.

Connect promises to do exactly what I want it to do, however I have mixed results with it.

Sometimes it seems to work great. The setup was easy and at first it worked. I could even use Siri through my Mac. But then the quality seemed to start going downhill.

What I’ve come to determine is that it has a sweet spot. If you can get in that sweet spot, it works great. Otherwise it’s got some issues.

Basically, if you’ve got issues, restart the app. Then it works great.

If I walk away from my computer for a meeting and come back, it doesn’t auto connect. If I manually connect, the auto seems to suffer. I believe this has something to do with walking away without putting the computer to sleep. If I put the computer to sleep, when it wakes it seems to do a better job at reconnecting and working well.

For $2 it’s OK. I love the idea, but I’m having trust issues with it. I want to love Connect, but I worry that the quality isn’t going to be there when someone calls or I need to make a call.

When Yosemite rolls out, iPhone is going to be completely integrated so we won’t have to worry about third-party apps, but for now, Connect is worth a try.

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