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Replace Pressgram with IFTTT // Pressgram Alternative

Replace Pressgram

I’ve been a big fan of Pressgram as it allows me to post a photo on my blog and share the actual image, with a link back to the blog post, on Twitter & Facebook. However, Pressgram is going away.

As an alternative I could go back to Instagram, but it lacks the ability to post directly to my blog and then share to social sites in the same way Pressgram did.

Instead, I’m going to leverage IFTTT. Here’s how.

First setup IFTTT to listen for new blog posts either for a specific category or the whole site. When it finds one, then IFTTT can share the image out to Twitter, Facebook and any other networks. It’s not real-time, but it’s not too far behind either.

The only other real change needed is using the WordPress app (or just navigating to the WordPress admin in Safari) to create the post. It’s not as straight forward, but it works.

For photo editing, I use Rookie or Photo Artist. They allow me to adjust colors, add special effects, and crop as needed. I’m also a fan of FrameMagic for collages.

One downside with IFTTT is that it auto shares all photos whereas Pressgram allowed me to choose which networks they go to per image post. It’s not a huge deal unless you used Pressgram to post to multiple social accounts; like multiple Twitter accounts.

Overall, my work flow won’t change much, but I’ll miss the simplicity of Pressgram.

Update: You’ll also want to auto set the thumbnail image for your posts as the official WordPress app has some odd functionality where you’d upload the image twice if you set the featured image and include it in the post.

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