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Testing two activity tracker apps. Moves vs Steps.

Moves on iOS

I like the idea of an activity tracker, but I don’t like the idea of spending $99. Plus I don’t have an iPhone that can track it for me. So I need an app.

I’ve been testing out a few apps and found two that I really like; Moves and Steps. Both of which are free (at least at the moment) and both work really well.

The each have their good points, both have downsides, and both are tracking my data very differently.


Moves is a great little app. It’s simple, looks polished, and just works. I love how it picks up the locations I’ve been and what I’m doing.

It tracks where I’m walking and when I’ve been driving. It then adds up the walking miles, calculates the minutes and calories. Moves doesn’t do a lot of things, but what it does, it does great.

Unfortunately, Moves uses a lot of power. It’s actually quite a drain on the battery and that’s a huge issue. To combat that, you can change the tracking from accuracy to battery saving. This does make quite a bit of difference, but then the app suffers. You don’t get as much location information and it says it’s tracking less.

Personally, I prefer battery over accuracy at this time.


Steps is another great little app. The design is pretty simple and it’s easy to use. I like how it changes color as you get closer to reaching reach your goal.

Steps seems like it wants to be more of a fitness app by doing more things, however it asks for paid upgrades on those extra things.

On the upside, it doesn’t eat your battery. It runs in the background but it’s not sucking the power. I think it’s because Steps doesn’t track your location, just your steps.

One Day of Data

Having both running all day, I got very different data.

  • Steps Taken
    • 2245 – Steps
    • 1498 – Moves (running in accuracy mode)
  • Miles
    • 1.33 Miles – Steps
    • 0.6 Miles – Moves
  • Calories
    • Unavailable in free version. – Steps
    • 56 – Moves
  • Time
    • 38:24 min – Steps
    • 17 min – Moves

As you can see, the two apps track very different data.

Which one is correct? I have no idea. I’m beginning to think that all this data is just junk and I need a real fitness tracker. But if I’m going to do that, I need to shell out some money for a wearable.

If you’re thinking of going with an app, I suggest trying a few and see what you like. There are others out there and you kind of just need to pick one and go with it. For me, Moves in battery saving mode is my choice.

Do you use a fitness app? If so, which one?

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