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Home: Well another weekend is in the past. And it was a pretty good weekend too. We went back home over the weekend and took my parents out to Outback for dinner on Friday night. I had some goooood shrimp! I also found out that it hasn’t stopped raining down there in a while. They had had about two inches of rain that week it rained a few more while we were there. Last time we were home they were worried about the opposite! Saturday we went for a walk around Silver Lake in Rochester and then ran a few errands. And for dinner we ate at TGI Fridays and I had my first ever Long Island Ice Tea. And it was even an Ultimate! I was a little worried as I always hear bad things about them but it was good and I didn’t get to drunk off of it. Then, in the evening, we made home made ice cream. Mmmm. Then Sunday we came back to the cities and found out a squirrel, or something, attacked our bag of potting soil on our balcony and ripped it to shreds. Small mess but we got it cleaned up.

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