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Stupid MSNBot

Stupid MSNBot: Yet another reason for me to dislike Microsoft. Their MSNBot hit my little site 68443 times using 3.06 GB worth of my bandwidth! That’s absurd. Googlebot only hit me 2373 using 121 MB of bandwidth. Microsoft can’t even get their own software to work right on their own systems. The worst part is that my web host only allows me 5 GB of bandwidth a month and the MSNBot took over half! I almost had to pay for more bandwidth, but, since my web host is so awesome, they decided not to charge me for MSN’s error. Hopefully this won’t happen again. Oh and if you want to know who my great web host is, it’s ICDSoft.

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  1. george says:

    How did you block MSNBOT ?? Its clobbering my daily log files and making it unreadable

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