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10 free iPods for you!

In celebration of iTunes hitting half a billion songs sold, Apple is giving someone 10 free iPods to share with their family and friends. How cool is that?! Forget those free iPod schemes, just keep buying from the iTunes Music Store and you could end up with ten.

Hummm… what would I do with ten? And which ten would I pick? I’d have to go for one of each. Just to have one of each you know. 😉 Then I’m sure I’d have more than a few friends popping up asking me what I was gonna do with all of them. Ha ha.

See all the details, and more than I shared, over at the iTunes site.

Better get shopping!

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  1. kamyar says:

    hi.i want my free ipod:))kiding.but i realy want it!

  2. diane says:

    hi..most people here in the philippines wants to have an ipod…but i cant find free ipod promos in the philippines…yes i saw some sites offering ipods and filipinos can join…but most of us doesnt have credit cards…we are poor…we cant complete the steps to get an ipod because we cant get any offer…we dont have credit cards to pay for that offer…

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