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Lost in iTunes

We bought last week’s episode of Lost – Everybody Hates Hugo from iTuens and watched it tonight. I thought it was a great deal at only $1.99. The quality was fine when it was bright out (on the show) and a little pixeley when it was dark. All in all, I’m vary happy with my commercial free, $1.99, iTunes downloaded episode of Lost – Everybody Hates Hurley.

Now, I don’t have an iPod that does video so we didn’t watch it on that. However my Powerbook has an S-Video out port. So I went S-Video to A/V cable to TV. I then went from audio out to A/V cable to TV. So we watched the episode on TV while it was playing in iTunes. Full screen of course.

All in all, if you are a video geek, you’ll think the quality is bad. However, it’s just fine for most normal people. Plus, if you don’t watch it full screen, it won’t get as pixeley. On the little iPod screen, you probably won’t even notice.

TV shows in iTunes is an excellent idea and I can see us buying lots when more shows come available. This is better than the VCR for us!! 😀

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