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7 New Chicklets Plus Bookmarks

I have updated the Feed Subscription Button Maker with seven new chicklets. Including FeedFeedds, Kinja, Sololsub, Multirss, Rmail, RSSfwd and Blogarithm.

I’ve also added 8 social bookmarking links. The ‘bookmark this site’ links work for the base URL, not for the individual post page.

Check out the new buttons and enjoy the Feed Subscription Button Maker

2 Responses

  1. charlie says:


    I miss the RSS button which is the same as the XML button, But I prefer the RSS text 😉


    – Charlie

  2. Thomas says:

    The reason that’s not there is that Blogger doesn’t support RSS feeds. Since they have ATOM I chose XML over RSS. But it may show up in future versions. Thanks for the feedback.

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