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Crazy Weather

Home: Here it is monday again. I’ve got a bunch of updates too. First off, on Friday I found out that Cloud 9 Flats are moving in up the street from me. They are going to be amazing lofts and should be available summer 2004. I’ll keep you updated. Last night we had some crazy weather. There were tornado warnings, heavy rain, high winds, and it went from 88 to 70 in about 20 minutes. We didn’t get any damage but I did take some pictures of clouds and lightning. If any turned out I’ll show them off. However the rain was good for our flowers. Christi and I planted some flowers and strawberries on our balcony. So hopefully in a few weeks our posts will be filled with green. Also over the weekend we watched Haunted Mansion and Big Fish. Haunted Mansion was good. It was funny and scary and even a little ewwwey. Big Fish was a good show too. I liked it as it was different and imaginative. I recommend both.

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