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Willie Nelson – Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly

Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond of Each Other) by Willie Nelson is making a HUGE shock in the music business. Why? Because it’s a gay cowboy song.

That’s right, inspired by the blockbuster movie Brokeback Mountain the first gay cowboy song is now available. Ok, so it was written years ago but Willie Nelson decided that now is the time to bring it to the world. And he has.

I doubt I’ll ever hear it on the radio, except maybe once or twice for shock value, but you have to hand it to Willie for taking the chance even though the feedback is probably going to be worse than he can imagine. Lets face it, Cowboys (or anyone) are ready to hear that they are all secretly gay.

If you’d like to hear a piece of this song, check out iTunes or download this audio clip.

Course, if you wanna buy the song, it’s available on iTunes for you to download today!

3 Responses

  1. Andrew Leon says:

    This song, Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond of Each Other), was previously released by gay punk-rock act Pansy Division in ther Pileup CD. Willie Nelson removed or changed some of the most controversial lines of the song. To listen to the original you can go to where they are playing the song entirely

  2. Vette Biker Babe says:

    This has to be a spoof from Willie. This can’t be real.. Tell me it ain’t so!!!

  3. jonathan says:

    No, Pansy Division did not write this song. They covered it. It was originally done by Ned Sublette on the Giorno Poetry Systems record “Life is a Killer” back in 1982.

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