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Additional Features for Tools

I updated both of my tools this morning.

For the Chicklet Creator, I added Blogger as an option for the ‘do it yourself’ code. I haven’t tested it, but I’m optimistic. I also removed pLog ‘do it yourself’ code as it was giving me issues so it went away for now.

Social Bookmark SmilieThe Social Bookmark Link Creator, on the other hand, got more updates and fixes today. I have added an options area that you can put in HTML code to format your output code. Want the links separated by
< br >‘s? No problem. Want everything in a list? No problem. Just wanna put a – between each one? No problem. You format it how you want it. This is one feature that will be added to the Chicklet Creator in the future after I get any bugs worked out.

I also fixed a lot of embarrassing spelling mistakes in the Social Bookmark Link Creator. Note to self: Remember to use spell check more often.

Oh and say HI to the Social Bookmark Link Creator smilie! I wanted some sort of icon to add to the homepage so I whipped up the new smilie who is syndicating his bookmarks across the web.

Issues? Comments? Questions? Just leave your feedback in the comments.

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