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macZOT MyzteryZOT Letdown

When I was introduced to macZOT a few days ago, I was very excited. Seemed like a great site with an interesting twist. However, I realize now that MyzteryZOTs are not for me.

The deal was over $130 dollars in software for $15. What the software was, I didn’t know. It sounded like fun so I went for it.

Here is what I got:

  1. World of Where – Geography game that matches cities and state and other capitals world wide. Haven’t tried it but it doesn’t really appeal to me.
  2. Pzizz – Some weird power napping software. I don’t think it’ll look good sleeping on the job.
  3. Matinee – DVD organizer for your Mac. Organizes actually DVDs that were ripped to my machine. Sorry, but I don’t feel like putting 50 DVDs on my hard drive.
  4. iScooper – Software that downloads image galleries from a website so you don’t have to constantly click on a thumbnail and see a larger version, then hit the back button to try it again. I’ve had a VERY hard time getting this to work with any sites. It’s very picky and annoying me.
  5. Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab – Probably the best piece of software in this package. It’s got one game in four different versions. Like Tetris only different. Kind of fun, but I’m not addicted yet.
  6. Multimedia Tiler – Allows you to fill your screen with many types of media files, such as mpegs, still pictures, PDFs, etc. I fail to see the point.
  7. CastEay – Podcast software to create and organize Podcasts. Sounds cool and I have a little interest, but I’m not big into Podcasts. Might come in handy in the future.

Overall this MyzteryZOT was not for me. I didn’t get one program that I think is great. Maybe they will grow on me but I probably won’t do a MyzteryZOT again unless I know what’s included.

I’ll keep my eye on macZOT for deals, but I’m not a fan of the MyzteryZOT thing.

Slightly off topic, I wonder if this will win the Best Testimonial for their contest. 😉

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