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Dashboard vs. Konfabulator

Dashboard vs. Konfabulator: Much discussion has gone across the internet in the past few days and someone has finally wrote an article comparing the two. Daring Fireball put them head to head and pointed out a few good points. Like the fact that Apple experimented with this technology years ago! Granted the success of Konfabulator may have started Apple’s design team to start the widgets back up, but it looks like the idea has always been there. And the best thing I’ve heard today is that Dashboard gets designed with HTML and CSS using the same rendering engine as Safari and programmed with JavaScript! That’s great since it opens up the possibilities to CSS2, DOM2, JS, HTML, XMLHttpRequest, Flash, QuickTime, Java, and more. You really don’t need to learn a whole new language to build a widget just use the same web programming language that you know today!

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