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SpyMac Mini Review

SpyMac Mini Review: Well I opened an account over at so I could get the free iCal hosing and I’ll have to say SpyMac is a different sort of place. First off, they have a nice design and a boat load of features. However, it’s slow and there are no instructions for any of the features. No help, no faq, no instructions. You’re just supposed to post in the forums and ask for help. Then, 10 hours later, and if your lucky, someone will answer your questions. I now have my iCal hosting up and running and I wouldn’t have been able to ever guess how to do it on my own. SpyMac has a lot of features, but you need instructions to figure out everything. Instructions that don’t exist.

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  1. Jon says:

    Spymac closed two of my accounts withot notice even though they said that notices were emailed to everyone about their new updated service. I did not see any notices in either of my accounts. So now I am not able to login to retrieve my emails. Oh well, screw spymac, their services was just too slow to put up with and now they expect me to pay for that. ha.

  2. fred says:

    well it’s 2006 and the same problem exists. but tech support via email is better, or maybe that’s because its a holiday week and everyone is off having fun.

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