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Hallo Halloween Theme for Firefox

Browsing around DeviantArt the other day I found out that my MacOSX theme, Hallo, was converted to a Firefox theme. I downloaded it only be very disappointed. It’s got potential, but a lot of work is needed yet.

// Image lost. Sorry. Zooomr ate it. //

Major Issues

  • No Tabs on a Mac.
  • No background color. (should be black)
  • No small icons. Actually none, nothing shows up.

I’m hoping to get word from the developer of the theme and get these updates moving along in time for Halloween. It’s a good start, but more needs to be done to make it usable for a wide audience.

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  1. 10/6/2006

    […] A while ago I posted about a Halloween theme I found on Deviantart. It was a port of my Hallo Halloween theme from MacOSX to Firefox. It looked pretty good, until I installed it. Then it was lacking in many areas. So, I reworked it and am now tesing HalloFF, my Halloween Firefox theme. […]

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