XML portfolio

Home: Yesterday I did get my XML portfolio working a little more. You can see a better, but not satisfactory, version of my XML Portfolio here. Hopefully I’ll get this figured out some day.

Also, Chrisit and I went for a walk last night to Wendys. Might not sound like a big deal but Wendys is about a mile away. One way! Plus it was like 90 out! Actually it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it very much.

Now that the iTunes Music store has been updated I’ve gotten a few new songs. I downloaded four Big & Rich songs, including Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy. Oh and the ability to print off jewel case selves is awesome! I think it’s one of the best new features.


Folder Gone

Well something happened yesterday. Some how, somewhere a folder got deleted and I really want it back. I’ve been searching for unerase software with no luck.


iTunes Music Store Rocks – Free Music

Home: Well the new iTunes Music Store Rocks! Free song of the week and it can print CD inserts for my playlists are just to of the sweet new features.

In other news, if you look back to yesterdays morning post it was 38 at 9am. Well today it’s supposed to get up to 85!! The weather is becoming such a rollercoaster. I wish it could just get warm and stay there.

Oh and have you seen the trailer to The Day After Tomorrow? It’s a cool looking movie about how the weather goes insane. I can’t wait!


Happy Birthday iTunes Music Store

Happy Birthday iTunes Music Store: The iTunes Music Store turns one today and to celebrate Apple released iTunes 4.5 and it’s still FREE! Now it includes movie trailers, videos, cd cover printing and more!! I’m downloading it now.


Flash XML Portfolio with Games

Home: I have updated my portfolio with my flash games. I want to add new interfaces but I should probably get rid of the clients names. Not sure the rules there.

Also, anyone know XML? I have the file written and Flash is decoding it but I want to make a HTML page display my XML too.


Favicon Oddity

Artropolis: Seems to me that either my browser or my favicon code is a little wired. For some reason, at times, my favicons will just stop showing. Now these are the ones I implemented with this code. link rel=”SHORTCUT ICON” href=”favicon.ico” Seems to work 98% of the time so I’m getting confused. I wonder if it’s the plug-in I use to create them or the server or what? Odd I tell ya. Odd


DVD creation

Artropolis: Another one of my designs was kinda picked. Ok so they want to tweak it a bit but that’s ok. I’ll see what I can do. My last design, that I talked about a few days ago, got a pretty big tweak today. Things like that happen to always happen when it’s finished. Hopefully it’ll be live soon so I can show it off.

We are also talking about getting into some DVD creation. That’ll be exciting if it happens. I already know some but I’d love to do more.


Looney Tunes : Back In Action

Home: We watched Looney Tunes : Back In Action last night and it’s a good movie. There is so much hidden humor in it or quickies that I doubt we caught it all. I think it’s a very fun movie and it did a great job of putting products in the movie, even when it was obvious.