Flash XML Portfolio with Games

Home: I have updated my portfolio with my flash games. I want to add new interfaces but I should probably get rid of the clients names. Not sure the rules there.

Also, anyone know XML? I have the file written and Flash is decoding it but I want to make a HTML page display my XML too.


Favicon Oddity

Artropolis: Seems to me that either my browser or my favicon code is a little wired. For some reason, at times, my favicons will just stop showing. Now these are the ones I implemented with this code. link rel=”SHORTCUT ICON” href=”favicon.ico” Seems to work 98% of the time so I’m getting confused. I wonder if it’s the plug-in I use to create them or the server or what? Odd I tell ya. Odd


DVD creation

Artropolis: Another one of my designs was kinda picked. Ok so they want to tweak it a bit but that’s ok. I’ll see what I can do. My last design, that I talked about a few days ago, got a pretty big tweak today. Things like that happen to always happen when it’s finished. Hopefully it’ll be live soon so I can show it off.

We are also talking about getting into some DVD creation. That’ll be exciting if it happens. I already know some but I’d love to do more.


Looney Tunes : Back In Action

Home: We watched Looney Tunes : Back In Action last night and it’s a good movie. There is so much hidden humor in it or quickies that I doubt we caught it all. I think it’s a very fun movie and it did a great job of putting products in the movie, even when it was obvious.


Wrestling Administrator

Home: I get to be Administrator for Jr Wrestling Forms for the next week. I also get to watch over the free hosting. Jacob, the main guy, is going to Hawaii and I’m just watching over things. If you do decide to come join our forms or community please put TwisterMc in the referrer box.


Mario Party 4

Home: Well we rented Mario Party 4 and WarioWare, Inc: Mega Party Games and they are so cool. Ok the Wario one is weird and has a bunch of little, very simple games but they are pretty addicting. And Mario Party 4 is the best one ever. So much fun and looks awesome. Way better than 5 in my mind.

In other news my Sassy Traps aren’t doing the best. I guess I have to go back to a squirt bottle pretty soon. That seems to work better.


Plan Survives Cat

Home: Well my plant is alive! But who knows for how long. Yesterday our cat pulled it off its shelf and it crashed to the floor breaking it’s pot and filling our tv wiring full of dirt. So, to stop Sassy cat from getting into things I’ve devised a ‘Sassy Trap’. I took one of those lint rollers, cut about a 6 inch square out of it and taped them to the counters. Sticky side up of course. Now they aren’t sticky enough to rip her hair off but they should deter her from getting up there once she finds out they are sticky. I hope it works.

In other news, I’m working on a little 3D flash banner for JrWrestling Forums. You can see my first attempt here. JrWrestling Banner 1