Blogs and Browsers

Artropolis: Well my blog looks best in Safari or a Mozilla based browser. In IE the menu seems very spacey. Just thought I’d share since I have so many browsers on my work computer. Also Opera on a mac the menu is wack and OmniWeb everything is cool.


Website Links

Home: I have updated my blog with my website links. Now it’s easier to find out more about me. I even updated my website with news of my new blog so more people can come see it.


Wedding Invites Done

Home: Invites Done?? Well we have address more invites tonight and we stuffed them all too. Phew. Now we just have to wait to send them out. Of course one or two will go out before then.


Flash Issues

Artropolis: Ok so Flash sucks. No really but only when I get stuck. I’m trying to make an app that remembers certain spots and then when you click play it will follow along a path. I’ve got it kind of down, but with issues. If it moves diagonally it’s great but if you go in a straight line left or right, up or down, it goes whack. I don’t get it. If you have any ideas go to my website and send me an email.

On a good Flash note, the new Artropolis Portfolio is going great! Hopefully we’ll finish up the site sometime soon so I can show it off. It’s a dynamically controlled flash application using cold fusion. So far it’s awesome, especially since the graphic designer rocks!


Blogger Free Blog

Ok. I think i finally have this figured out and I think I was just too fast for the system when I started and that was my issue. I now have my blog set up and hosted at for FREE!! Always a good deal!!

My idea here is to put down random thoughts and miscellaneous stuff. It may not be news worthy but I think it sounds like fun.