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The Things I Love About My Android Phone

It’s been just over two months since I got my Android phone and there are things I love, and things I don’t like so much. Here are just a few things I love. Widgets Having the ability to get information out of an app without opening it is great. I can turn see the status […]


Fix the HTC/Droid Null Error in Facebook

When I got my Droid Incredible a few weeks back, it came with Facebook pre-installed. So I just started using it. Then I started getting null errors when I tried to refresh or load content. There was no rhyme or reason either and it didn’t happen all the time. AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED WHILE FETCHING […]


Using Posterous To Post Photos To My WordPress Blog

I may have found a use for Posterous! I’m currently testing out using Posterous as a gateway between my phone and my blog. By tying the two together I can take cool photos with my phone, attach them to an email with some text, send that off to Posterous, they’ll format it, post it and then send […]


Does Your Smartphone Have a Passcode? It Should.

Do you have an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other smartphone? Do you have it protected by a passcode? You should. This is something my wife pointed out long ago when I first got my iPod touch. I was adding apps that access my financial data and, whereas they were password protected, the iPod itself wasn’t. If […]


Jumping Into The World Of Android With A Droid Incredible

The wife and I have finally broken down and got smart phones recently and now are trying to figure them out. Ironically, we don’t feel very smart using them yet. Unfortunately Verizon doesn’t have the iPhone yet, so we purchased the Droid Incredible. It’s a very nice phone, it’s just taking some time to learn everything. I am […]