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Watch Out Firefox – Flock Rocks

When I discovered the other day that Flock has been updated, and was now a Universal Mac application, I decided to check it out. I thought Flock was cool back in the day, but now it rocks! I love my Firefox, but I’m constantly checking out new browsers to see what they have to offer. […]

Flock Finally Goes Universal

When I saw Flock today on MacUpate, the same question passed though my mind, ‘is it Universal yet?’ I have an Intel iMac at home and Flock performed less than great. I’m not sure why but it just felt wrong. So, I searched for a build that ran natively on Intel Mac processors with no […]

Amazing Apple Store – Inside & Out

I mentioned it the other day, but check out the simply amazing pictures of the new NY Apple store/cube on the official Apple site. This is a thing of beauty and it’s open 24/7/365 Inside the cube looking at the entrance.

Jealousy – My Sweet Mac Setup

This is what it looks like when I work from home. My Intel iMac on the left and my work iMac G5 on the right. It’s one sweet setup if you ask me. Not pictured is the wife’s Powerbook 667 and my iPod (which she Podnaped for the day).

Apple Supports Windows XP on Macs

It’s true. Apple is saying it’s OK to boot into XP on Intel based Macs. They are even giving away software to make it easier to do! Check out Boot Camp and see how Apple is supporting Windows on Macs. Next thing you know, they’ll be building the technology to run windows applications in MacOSX. […]

Playing with Apple’s Photo Booth

One of my new applications is Photo Booth from Apple. It’s a simple application that ties into my iSight web camera and takes still pictures. You can also select filters and take pictures that look interesting. 🙂 Below is some of my fun with Photo Booth this morning. Granted, I think I need better lighting. […]

Target Disk Mode Rocks

You gotta love target disk mode. It’s a wonderful feature from Apple that lets you boot a machine as a firewire hard drive on another. This then allows you to quickly copy off files and folders. This morning I hooked up my PowerBook to my new iMac via a firewire cable, held down the T […]

Blank DVDs Are Cheap

Since my new iMac has a DVD burner I just had to play with it.  I went to Target to get a few and was pleasantly surprised.  Last time I bought blank DVD’s it was $15 for 5.  Boy has a lot changed.  I got 50 for $15 this time!!! I’m very excited as I […]

iMac First Impressions

It’s been a few days and I’ve had a little time to play. Overall I’m very happy with my new iMac. It’s so sweet. New features that I acquired: iSight Web Cam Mighty Mouse DVD Burner Bluetooth Front Row (with remote) All iLife 06 Applications and so much power! I’ve only just began to play […]