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CoverFlow – Interactive Cover Art App

Thanks to All Forces for pointing out a great little application called CoverFlow. It works with iTunes to organize a searchable database of your music’s covers. It’s fun to play with and looks great. Even complete with smooth movement and other nifty little effects. It’s still in development but it’s a free download to check […]


Best Practical iPod Accessory

Have you heard of the Griffin SmartDeck? It’s quite possibly the best iPod accessory that is also very practical and reasonably priced. For just $30 you get a cassette adapter that listens to your radio and tells the iPod what to do! You can control the volume and playback of the iPod. Use the cassette […]


New iPod First Thoughts

Well I’ve had Chester, my new iPod, for over a week now and I haven’t gotten to play with him much. My old iPod is working just fine and my new iTrip hasn’t arrived just yet. However, here are my current issues with the iPod. First, Apple cuts costs by packing the iPod with a […]


Hello Chester – My new iPod

I was all excited the other day when it arrived. My new iPod. 20 gigs, full color screen and best of all it was free! I think I’ll call him Chester.I did one of those free iPod deals after researching it to make sure I wasn’t going to get screwed over. And it worked! All […]


OMG It’s True! Free iPods!

I’m sure you’ve heard about the free iPods offer on many sites. They claim that if you sign up for one offer, then get five referrers to do the same, they’ll send you a free iPod. Sounds to good to be true but it’s not. I received my 20 gig, color iPod!! Many more details […]