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It’s quiet, to quiet without anyone home.

It sure is quiet around this house without my girls. They’ve gone away for the weekend and I’m left to entertain the cats, do a few household items, and relax. This is the second time I’ve been away from my girls since Lily has been born and it’s weird. I get so use to being […]

They’re fine. Just relax a little.

One piece of advice we overheard when the wife was pregnant was to not freak out at every little thing. Now that Lily is moving around more and more, I realize how great that advice really is. The idea is simple, if you freak out, your baby freaks out. They look to you for comfort […]

Safety proofing started, now I’m locked out.

Crap. Now that we’ve started safety proofing the house, there are cupboards I can’t get into and things I can’t get to. The worst part is some are the cupboards under the bathroom sink where the extra TP is. There’s now way you can get these stupid locks off when you realize you’re out. You have […]

So what do we really have to safety proof?

This weekend we are starting to safety proof our home. I guess it’s time since Lily has got her army crawl down and can move across the room quite quickly. That, and she loves to put everything in her mouth. Here’s what we have on our agenda: Plug up the outlets. Tie cabinets shut; even […]

Daddy Bloggers vs Mommy Bloggers

I was originally going to title this post ‘Do you think that a daddy blogger could survive amongst all the mommy bloggers’ until I did a little Googling and it seems that there are more results for ‘daddy blogger’ than ‘mommy blogger.’ Can that be right? Are there more daddy bloggers than mommy bloggers? All […]

12 reasons why every parent needs an iPhone.

There are tons of things that parents buy before having a baby. However, an iPhone may be the most fun & important. Why? Because of these features: The Digital Camera – You’re going to be taking an insane amount of pictures, especially if it’s your first baby, so having a camera handy is a necessity. […]

Babies crawl with their arms, not legs, right?

So Lily has been working at crawling. Somedays she does decent and we think she’s about to take off while other days she just rolls around. Lately she’s been crawling, but not using her feet. Instead, she uses her arms to pull herself around. Now I always thought that it’d be her feet powering her […]

First time in a hotel and in a swimming pool.

Over the weekend our baby girl Lily got to experience her first time in a hotel and the first time swimming! We were worried about swimming due to the chlorine in the pool and her only being 6 months old, but our doctor said it was OK so into the pool we went. Lily didn’t […]

Lily is six months old today. Where’s the cake?

Wow, six months have gone by in a flash. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital and not sure what we were doing. Lily has learned so much in six months. We’re mumbling all the time, rolling around, smiling, laughing, eating mushed foods, and sleeping at night to name […]

Traveling with a baby, good idea or bad?

We have recently been invited to a wedding which we wouldn’t mind going to. However, it’s about 10 hours one way, with no stops, which is a heck of a long time for an adult to sit in the car, but what about a baby? How far is to far? We’re worried that Lily will […]