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iPod Goes Lego with PodBrix

Say hello to the newest iPod fan, the Lego man. Tomi, an artist, has created this cool little dude and has already sold out of the 300 he designed. Keep in mind this is not a toy, it’s a piece of artwork. The Lego guy is the same size as a regular Lego guy and […]


Superbowl Ad Breakdown

Well the Superbowl has come and gone and it was a pretty good game. It also had some great commercials that were, compared to the past few years, up to Superbowl standards. Here is a breakdown of some of my thoughts. You can view most of these commercials online at plus banned Superbowl commercials […]


Happy SuperBowl Sunday

Happy Superbowl Sunday all. I’m routing for the commercials even though I think I’ll be disappointed again. I’m interested in seeing the Apple ones of course. 😉 Plus the Simpsons Superbowl special afterwards and the American Dad show look awesome too!! Should be fun.


iPepsi – The Showdown

Here it is time for the second Pepsi and iTunes, or as I like to call it iPepsi, free music giveaway. This year they are giving out free downloadable music again and lots of chances to win Pepsi iPod minis!! So I stopped at the PDQ gas station this morning and picked up my first […]


Rodeo Changes To Rush Nighclub

The Rodeo Nightclub in Cottage Grove Minnesota (MN) has changed to The Rush Nightclub. I think they are trying to let people know they are not just a country club. I also think the name change is a little stupid, but it’s their company. They also have a new site up and it’s as horrible […]


FireFox vs IE – The Odd Showdown

For those who are tired of hearing the technical reasons to switch to Firefox, here are some different reasons to switch. They compare everything from the logos to which browser will get you laid. Yes that’s right. I told you it was an odd showdown.