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A.C.E.S. Flight Simulation – Mall of America

Last weekend my father in law and I checked out A.C.E.S, a flight simulator at the Mall of America, and it was pretty cool. We flew World War II airplanes and tried to shoot each other down. There were four of us total, with unlimited ammo, so you think I’d hit someone. I think I […]


Mall of America Hotel and Casino

The money behind the Mall of America (MOA) in Bloomington Minnesota unveiled what they hope to be phase 2 of the mall. If created, the MOA would be the largest mall in the world. Not only do they want you to come for a few days, but how about a few weeks?! New features would […]


iPepsi – The Showdown

Here it is time for the second Pepsi and iTunes, or as I like to call it iPepsi, free music giveaway. This year they are giving out free downloadable music again and lots of chances to win Pepsi iPod minis!! So I stopped at the PDQ gas station this morning and picked up my first […]


Do you know where the United States are?

The United States. You know where they all are right? Can you place them on a map with no lines? Sure sounds easy enough but it’s not. Unless you are really smart. Check out this online states game and see how well you do. Some, like Minnesota and Texas are easy, others like Pennsylvania and […]