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More Ogres in Shrek 3

Is Dreamworks becoming like Disney; sequel happy?! I doubt it. The simple fact is that Shrek is popular and the momentum is still there. Hopefully it’ll sick as Shrek 3 isn’t due out until 2007. All the main characters will be back and voiced by the original people. That’s a key part. Who wants to […]

Goodbye 80s – Hello Jack?!

I hinted to it back in December, however I wasn’t quite right. It seems that the Twin Cities 80’s station, Mix 104.1, has switched formats and is now Jack FM. Instead of blasting 80’s music all the time they are now playing 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and todays music. Their website says “It’s like your iPod […]

Yea for iTunes Free Music

Thanks to my family I got a bunch more free songs from the Pepsi and iTunes game. My brother drinks a lot of Mtn. Dew and when he wins a song, my mom saves the caps for me. So today I added 7 free songs to my iTunes account. This is great as I can’t […]

Custom iTunes Prepaid Cards

At Austin’s South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival Apple released artist and song specific iTunes gift cards. The cards appear to be good for one free song which is specified on the the card its self. I think this is a great way for artists to give out demo singles, or pre-releases, and a great […]

Spring Break Shuffle – Music for a Party

I was checking out the Spring Break Shuffle from the iTunes music store and this is one good playlist. It has everything from Big and Rich’s Save A Horse (Ride a Cowboy) (Dance Mix) to 50 Cent’s In da Club. Includes Kelly Clarkson’s Since You Been Gone and Justin Timberlake’s Rock Your Body. There is something […]

Goodbye and God Bless Chris LeDoux

Today we lost a very influential artist in country music, Chris LeDoux. Chris wasn’t the biggest country star, via record sales, however many artists owe a lot to the cowboy. One of his biggest fans was Garth Brooks and Garth owes a great deal of his career to what he learned from Chris. He’ll be […]

An iPod Upgrade For Us All

Whenever Apple puts out an iPod software upgrade I don’t usually get to excited. If it is for my iPod (my iPod is a few years old) it’s just some minor update. However, the other day I saw a report that the latest software would put a few enhancements on my iPod! I was excited […]

Mall of America Hotel and Casino

The money behind the Mall of America (MOA) in Bloomington Minnesota unveiled what they hope to be phase 2 of the mall. If created, the MOA would be the largest mall in the world. Not only do they want you to come for a few days, but how about a few weeks?! New features would […]

iPod Goes Lego with PodBrix

Say hello to the newest iPod fan, the Lego man. Tomi, an artist, has created this cool little dude and has already sold out of the 300 he designed. Keep in mind this is not a toy, it’s a piece of artwork. The Lego guy is the same size as a regular Lego guy and […]

iPods at Microsoft, this makes me smile.

iPods are invading Microsoft headquarters and I think it’s just funny! Especially since the management doesn’t want the employees to have iPods!! To the growing frustration and annoyance of Microsoft’s management, Apple’s iPod is wildly popular among Microsoft’s workers. ‘About 80 percent of Microsoft employees who have a portable music player have an iPod,’ said […]