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Feline Frolic! Remote-Controlled Cat Exerciser

Merry Christmas Sassy! We couldn’t wait and she now has been playing with her Feline Frolic! Remote-Controlled Cat Exerciser for about a week now. It’s actually quite fun and she doesn’t know she’s getting exercise. It comes with a remote control so we can drive it around and the mouse that dangles off it randomly...


Sporadic Updates

Well the holidays are here and I’m a busy busy person. So there will be sporadic posts over the next few days. I seem to have a handful of things to post about and I just haven’t gotten around to them. I’ll try to add a few this morning but I won’t get to them...


Ice Ice Baby – What A Workout

I had quite the workout this morning. Freezing rain had covered everything and trying to scrape off the windows was almost impossible. It took me 20 minutes to get enough of a hole to see out so I could drive. It’s amazing how much of a workout goes into scraping off windows, especially when the...


-10 and Sunny!

Hello from Minnesota! No snow but plenty of cold. It’s -10 this morning and we are off! Winter is here and I just wish it would snow already. Especially since Christmas is just around the corner. Speaking of Christmas I did some of my shopping yesterday. We went to the Mall of America on the...


What a difference a year makes.

What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time I was in school, un-married and at my old job. Some say people generally only do one ‘big’ change at a time and I guess they never thought about me. Three big changes in one year and three changes that I’m very happy about....


SEO World, Here I Come

Well today begins a new journey. After five years at Artropolis I have moved on. Today I start with Misukanis & Odden and Top Rank Results. Over time I’ll be learning all about search engine optimization while still getting to use some of my web designs skills. I’m excited and nervous for the new move...


Birthday Breakfast and Dinner

The birthday went off pretty good. First we had breakfast at the Nicollet Island Inn with her parents. It was a fancier place however the service was slow and the food was ok. Good atmosphere though. Then we went to the New World Market just to look around that was a pretty neat place. We...


Happy Birthday Christi!

Happy Birthday Christi! I have made some plans for today but I can’t say what they are in case she reads this. 😉 Should be a great day though and hopefully the UPS man brings her present soon! According to the tracking it should be here today. And don’t forget the cake. We are having...


Who’s that on the cover of Mac Fan?

Who is on the cover of January’s edition of Mac Fan Magazine? It’s Godzilla. However on page 21, half way down and on your left is me! They did a section on holiday stuff for your Mac and they put in my TwistMas theme! Just so you know, Mac Fan is a Japanese magazine so...