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Tiger – Disaster Averted

I took some time last night and checked out the important stuff and it doesn’t appear that I lost anything important. Phew. Just re-downloading my Macromedia apps and a bunch of other freeware and shareware applications. Saved mail messages, preferences and keychain passwords are all ok. So, to get to the important stuff, Tiger is […]

Tiger… Not Yet Impressed

I don’t know if I got a bad disk or what, but my Tiger install did not go well. First off the disk wouldn’t verify. I called the Apple store and they said to just skip verification. I then choose archive and install and it archived everything but failed on install. Now I was left […]

Jeff’s Auto Service – Hopkins MN

What a day. When I tried to start my car this morning it wouldn’t. It would turn over but not start. I then called my brother and he asked me a few questions then decided that I flooded it and told me to try again later. I then got out of my car when I […]

Norwegian Jake’s – Backpack Lunches

While at Target the other day my wife came across Norwegian Jake’s Backpack Lunches and these things are sweet. In one package you get two wraps complete with mayo, cheese, meet, and mustard. You also get a mini water, spoon, napkin, moist towelette and a candy bar. Everything is individually wrapped and you build it […]

Netgear Wireless Router WGR614

What a difference a router makes. We had a Belkin 2.4 GHz wireless router and it worked, just not the best. We often had down times and slow speeds. We blamed it on a few different sources before thinking that the router could be the issue. So I bought a Netgear 2.4 GHz wireless router […]

Free Advertising – Send Me Stuff

I was reading a blog post at Google Blogoscoped and it was talking about how, in Germany, companies are allowing people to acquire free products as long as the receiver takes a picture and writes a post about it in their blog. What a fantastic idea! Send me a 12 pack of Pepsi and I’ll […]

OmniOutliner Review

Organization. It’s not one of my stronger features but I’m trying. Lately I’ve been using OmniOutliner to keep track of random notes and messages. This works better than Stickys but I still use them to. At home I have OmniOutliner 2 and at work I have OmniOutliner 3. Version 2 is much simpler and uses […]

Mac Blinkx Mini Review

We’ll I installed Blinkx last week thinking I’d run it for a while and write a review. I’ve been running it but not using it much. It does work as advertised, however it doesn’t seem like something I need. Granted I’ve never used the Google or Yahoo Desktop searches, since their not available for the […]

Review: PilotMouse Optical Wireless

I got my PilotMouse Optical Wireless just before Christmas and I was all excited. I got it at BestBuy and it was good deal. I really wanted a Logitech mouse, however I was looking at features and price. I wanted to spend under $30 and get wireless and optical. The more buttons the better too. […]

Kensington PilotMouse Issues

My PilotMouse issues linger on. I bought this ultra cool mouse at Best Buy, where I got a really good deal, about a month ago and my happiness level is still so so. It looks sweet, has many buttons, is wireless, optical and so comfy. However it’s on screen performance lacks. It seems to be […]