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Video Spotlight: The Red Strokes – Garth Brooks

In today’s video spotlight I have one of my all time favorite videos. It’s The Red Strokes by Garth Brooks. The use of paint in this video is a great effect, however it wasted a lot of materials. To shoot the video it took 5,000 gallons of paint and they went through 12 white Stetson […]

VS: Daniel Powter – Bad Day

The week of August 2nd 2005, iTunes’ free single of the week was a song called Bad Day by unknown artist Daniel Powter. A few months later, American Idol shot the song to #1 by using it as the shows signature song for the 2006 season. Before American Idol though, there was a very clever […]

Redefining Craptastic

Wow, did you see Kevin Federline (KFed) at the Teen awards last night? Me either, but YouTube has it! It’s so bad it’s a must watch. It’s craptastic! Video Removed. Go search YouTube. “Shhhh….if you listen very carefully…you can hear the lack of talent…” – AndrewG009 on YouTube