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Computer Monster – Take That Technology

The beauty of YouTube is that people can upload videos from long ago. Things I’d never see otherwise. Check out this fun clip from before I was born (1971) where a pre-Cookie Monster Muppet thinks a computer looks tasty. Mmmmm technology. According to Boing Boing, the character is Wheel-Stealer who eventually evolved into Cookie Monster. […]


Online Only Get Mac Ads

Apple is taking their TV Get Mac ads and creating web specific ones. Since I block most advertising on the net, I didn’t notice until yesterday. These sure beat out any ‘punch the monkey’ ads or giant pigs with the 50 states on them trying to get me to re-finance. Hopefully Apple will help re-invent […]


Deck The Halls – Christmas Video

I’ve stated time and time again that SheDaisy’s Christmas album, Brand New Year, is one of my favorites. Here is the first (and only?) video released from that holiday album. It includes Mickey and some of the Disney gang along with lots of holiday fun! Deck The Halls – SheDaisy Music available for download on […]


VS: Daniel Powter – Bad Day

The week of August 2nd 2005, iTunes’ free single of the week was a song called Bad Day by unknown artist Daniel Powter. A few months later, American Idol shot the song to #1 by using it as the shows signature song for the 2006 season. Before American Idol though, there was a very clever […]


Redefining Craptastic

Wow, did you see Kevin Federline (KFed) at the Teen awards last night? Me either, but YouTube has it! It’s so bad it’s a must watch. It’s craptastic! Video Removed. Go search YouTube. “Shhhh….if you listen very carefully…you can hear the lack of talent…” – AndrewG009 on YouTube


Video Spotlight: Goodbye Earl

Every now and again I come across a great music video. It could be powerful, full of eye candy or just plain fun. So, I decided that with the help of the online video services, like YouTube, I’d start up a music video spotlight. It’ll showcase some of my favorite videos for one reason or […]