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AllTheWeb does LiveSearch

AllTheWeb, a Yahoo search engine, is now testing live search. Take a little of Google Suggest, some Ajax and of course good search results, mix them together and get LiveSearch. It gives you suggestions and results as you type. Pretty cool and fun to play with. On the down side, no Safari or Opera support […]

WordPress Feed Stats

There is an amazing feature available for hosted blogs called Feed Stats. It tells you how many people have viewed your feed and what feed readers were used. The bad part? It’s only for blogs. See a great review of Feed Stats. I’m hoping that the feed stats feature makes it into all […]

What’s wrong with Blog Search?!

There are some great blog search engines out there today like Technorati, Google Blog Search and Sphere. However, they all have the same flaw; they don’t block spam blogs. Not one of the three blog search engines listed above do a very good job, if any job at all, of blocking blog spam. Do a […]

I’m a 2006 WebAward Judge

I’m very excited to have been picked as a judge in the 2006 WebAward Competition! Sites from all over the world will compete for a WebAward in 96 different industries. They will be judged on design, innovation, content, technology, interactivity, copy writing and ease of use. Everyone from Disney employees to to Microsoft folks have […]

Netvibes – A Great Web Portal

Last week I did a short review on web portals. Granted, I did forget Pagefakes which appears to be very cool. It has a full array of widgets along with most of the functionality I wanted, however it lacks POP/IMAP email integration. But it’s coming…. soon or so they say. However, a few days ago […]

Cool Web Portals

I’ve recently began researching web portals. I haven’t been a big fan of them in the past, but I’ve started to get back into them a little more. It’s just nice haveing a one stop site to get the latest news via RSS, email, the weather and photos. So I decided to see what was […]


I’ve been social booking sites for a while now. I started with Furl and have tried many different services. Spurl is my favorite, however, seems to be the site of choice in the mainstream. Now I say mainstream loosely as social bookmarking is not known or understood my many, however those that do know […]

Addicted to the Web 2.0

It’s true, I’m addicted to the Web 2.0. From social bookmarking sites to online word processors and web software that just works, there is no end in site to what I can accomplish online! What is the Web 2.0? Well, it’s the idea of sharing information and having web sites act more like applications and […]

iRows : Web Based Spreadsheets

I searched for a web based Microsoft Excel today and I found iRows. All the basics, none of the bloat or cost!! Today was a snow day and I was told not to come into work but rather work from home. Great idea except I treat my home computer differently than my work computer. For […]

Writely Purchased by Google!

One of my favorite Web 2.0 applications is Writely – online word processing. I just find it so useful, simple and wonderful! Completely imports almost any text file with formatting and export them as well. So handy. However, today I found out it got bought by Google!! What does that mean? Well I’m not sure […]