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Some Useful Sites

Every day someone comes along with a new site that helps you do something new. Well lately I’ve found a few sites that I like and find useful so I thought I’d share. Technorati – Mainly blog posts, this site has the most up to date information available. Search for something that was on TV […]

Firefox Themes – What’s Next

I’ve never been a fan of Firefox themes seeing as there weren’t many good ones, or they didn’t work well on a Mac. However I’ve been trying more lately and I found a sweet one! Plastikfox Nuvola is a nice combination of colorful and well done icons with nice very light gray backgrounds. It’s very […]

OmniOutliner Review

Organization. It’s not one of my stronger features but I’m trying. Lately I’ve been using OmniOutliner to keep track of random notes and messages. This works better than Stickys but I still use them to. At home I have OmniOutliner 2 and at work I have OmniOutliner 3. Version 2 is much simpler and uses […]

Creation of MacThemes includes Me

As I was checking out the sites (via RSS) that I do on a daily basis I came across the history of I skimmed though the article on how the basis for the site was thought up and created and what did I see? Me! 😀 They were nice enough to mention my brief […]

Technorati Tags

Technorati announced Tags the other day. It is a way to categorize blog posts so others can easily find them. Systems like WordPress already have tags in the form of categories, however you can add more tags if you want. It’s really a simple idea, however I’m not having the best results getting some blogs […]

View FireFox’s Cache Easily

Just a quick tip. If you are running Mozilla Firefox and you want to view your cache just type about:cache in the URL bar and hit enter. You can then search though your cache and retrieve images and files easily.

Don’t float in your tables.

Well I learned today that you shouldn’t float in your tables. I had a site that looked great and designed with CSS. However, Internet Explorer didn’t read the CSS correctly so I had to go with tables too. Unfortunately I forgot to take out a few floats and, very randomly, the site wouldn’t look correctly […]

Yea! A Background.

Finally, after thinking to hard, I added a background to my blog that allows for the main content area to be as long as the menu area on short posts like this. (post page not main page) It has been bugging me for quite a while but I finally figured out that I’d done it […]

Hello Homepage

Now, the newest blog stories are showing up on the homepage. I used Magpie RSS and extract the titles and display them on my homepage. Might help bring more people in to the blog. 😀

Firefox G5 Optimized

Lately I’ve been running a version of Firefox optimized for the G5. [updated link] Now I’m not sure exactly how this works. Someone re-builds Firefox from the source given out by Mozilla. (it is open source so it’s free) Then then change some code to take advantage of the G5 processor. While in there, they […]