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Large Companies and their Websites

I was searching around the other day looking at larger companies websites and I have to say I was quite disappointed at what I saw. Quite a few major sites don’t care about what’s outside their main web design. And to me, that’s just plain laziness and it detracts from the quality of their site. […]


New Flash Based

They launched a new and it’s almost all in Flash! It’s amazing that such a large company would use a format that wasn’t as search engine friendly as HTML. At the same time, it’s good that someone is showcasing what Flash can do. It’s not all about moving things around the screen. What they […]


WordPress 1.5 Coming Soon

WordPress 1.5 is now out and I’ve been playing around with it all day on another site. There is a much nicer default theme and some other nice advancements along with a few things that just don’t look right. This blog will be upgrading in the next week or so and I’m not sure what […]


Firefox Themes – What’s Next

I’ve never been a fan of Firefox themes seeing as there weren’t many good ones, or they didn’t work well on a Mac. However I’ve been trying more lately and I found a sweet one! Plastikfox Nuvola is a nice combination of colorful and well done icons with nice very light gray backgrounds. It’s very […]


OmniOutliner Review

Organization. It’s not one of my stronger features but I’m trying. Lately I’ve been using OmniOutliner to keep track of random notes and messages. This works better than Stickys but I still use them to. At home I have OmniOutliner 2 and at work I have OmniOutliner 3. Version 2 is much simpler and uses […]


Technorati Tags

Technorati announced Tags the other day. It is a way to categorize blog posts so others can easily find them. Systems like WordPress already have tags in the form of categories, however you can add more tags if you want. It’s really a simple idea, however I’m not having the best results getting some blogs […]