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Yea! A Background.

Finally, after thinking to hard, I added a background to my blog that allows for the main content area to be as long as the menu area on short posts like this. (post page not main page) It has been bugging me for quite a while but I finally figured out that I’d done it […]

Hello Homepage

Now, the newest blog stories are showing up on the homepage. I used Magpie RSS and extract the titles and display them on my homepage. Might help bring more people in to the blog. 😀

Firefox G5 Optimized

Lately I’ve been running a version of Firefox optimized for the G5. [updated link] Now I’m not sure exactly how this works. Someone re-builds Firefox from the source given out by Mozilla. (it is open source so it’s free) Then then change some code to take advantage of the G5 processor. While in there, they […]

Wanted: Site Map Software

I’m on the lookout for some good software to create site maps. Either computer based or internet based. You’d think it’d be easy enough for a program to spider a site and output the list of URLs with titles, however I’m having a hard time finding something that’s easy to use and works well. Any […]

SEO Online Marketing Blog Re-Designed

Check it out! The TopRank Online Marketing Blog has gotten a face lift. I took the old blogger template and re-worked it into something visually pleasing. Feel free to leave comments on the design here or there. Enjoy! 🙂

IE Actually Helped?

I was almost amazed at Internet Explorer (PC) yesterday. A new design looked great in everything except IE and I had to do some extra investigating. Well IE pointed out a few issues, like the columns were not adding up to the correct amount. So I fix them thinking this was a big help and […]

Using CSS to Control Multiple Hover Text Colors

I found a great new CSS trick today to control the hover text color for different links on a page. Basically you add five class’ to your CSS file. /* black links with blue rollover */ .link-black {color: #000000;} .link-black a:link {color: #000000;} .link-black a:visited {color: #000000;} .link-black a:hover {color: #0098cb;} .link-black a:active {color: #0098cb;} […]