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Chicklet Creator & Social Bookmark Creator

Both the Chicklet Creator and Social Bookmark creator are no longer active projects.

Back in 2006 I started creating two different tools; Chicklet Creator and  Social Bookmark Creator.

Chicklet Creator was a tool that allowed users to make it easy to allow blog admins to setup subscription buttons to one of many feed reader services. Over the years, a lot of those services shut down and RSS overall don’t get quite the love these days as it should. There really isn’t a need for the Chicklet Creator anymore, so it has gone away.

Social Bookmark Creator was a service that allowed you to submit a URL to one of many different social bookmarking sites. Back then, it was one of the first of its time. Since then, services like AddThis and ShareThis were created and social bookmarking sites has dwindled to just a few strong ones. The competition now is high and the need is low so Social Bookmark Creator has rode off into the sunset.

I had a lot of fun creating these sites and they got a lot of positive feedback. But, they had their day and now have gone away. Really, they’ve been dead for years and now it’s just official.

Chicklet Creator

Chicklet Creator WordPress Plugin – The Chicklet Creator is an easy to use WordPress plugin for creating RSS subscription buttons.

Social Bookmark Creator

Social Bookmark Creator WordPress Plugin – This social bookmark WordPress plugin makes it easy to add links to your favorite social networking sites.