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Chicklet Creator & Social Bookmark Creator

Both the Chicklet Creator and Social Bookmark creator are no longer active projects.

Back in 2006 I started creating two different tools; Chicklet Creator and  Social Bookmark Creator.

Chicklet Creator was a tool that allowed users to make it easy to allow blog admins to setup subscription buttons to one of many feed reader services. Over the years, a lot of those services shut down and RSS overall don’t get quite the love these days as it should. There really isn’t a need for the Chicklet Creator anymore, so it has gone away.

Social Bookmark Creator was a service that allowed you to submit a URL to one of many different social bookmarking sites. Back then, it was one of the first of its time. Since then, services like AddThis and ShareThis were created and social bookmarking sites has dwindled to just a few strong ones. The competition now is high and the need is low so Social Bookmark Creator has rode off into the sunset.

I had a lot of fun creating these sites and they got a lot of positive feedback. But, they had their day and now have gone away. Really, they’ve been dead for years and now it’s just official.

Chicklet Creator

Chicklet Creator WordPress Plugin – The Chicklet Creator is an easy to use WordPress plugin for creating RSS subscription buttons.

Social Bookmark Creator

Social Bookmark Creator WordPress Plugin – This social bookmark WordPress plugin makes it easy to add links to your favorite social networking sites.

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  1. 3/29/2007

    […] The Twistermc blog says Chicklett Creator for subscribing to RSS feeds and Social Bookmark Link Creator are “two plug-ins you can check off the worry list.” Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  2. 4/21/2007

    […] I read the SEO Egghead site and caught a post about a new book they were publishing titled Search Engine Optimization with PHP. Very interested in both topics, I got a copy of the book. While paging though it, I was shocked to see a page all about the Chicklet Creator WordPress plugin!! How exciting is that? I’m published! […]

  3. 5/13/2007

    […] Faça o download do plugin AQUI. […]

  4. 5/20/2007

    […] Since I didn’t feel like taking the time to get the Chicklet Creator WP Plugin going I spent a good part of the day looking for buttons from various sites. For some reason the Chicklet creator wanted me to add a table to MySQL and it wasn’t working. My way worked just fine. I think the 8 or 10 options I have now will be fine for a while. Syndication is overrated anyway, but we’ll leave that argument for another day. Bookmark to: Trackback This Post […]

  5. 7/4/2007

    […] Visit […]

  6. 7/5/2007

    […] I have that custom feed created, what next? I went and got myself a plugin, as you do. I fell for Chicklet Creator WordPress Plugin as it dealt with both giving me buttons and generating the code to link these buttons to my custom […]

  7. 7/8/2007

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  8. 7/11/2007

    […] moved the Chicklet Creator snippet from the index.php to the sidebar.php; I liked the chicklets under the posts, but when […]

  9. 7/19/2007

    […] oldukça hoş bir eklenti. Şuradan eklemek istediğiniz butonları inceleyebilir ve şuradan da eklentiyi indirebilirsiniz. Chicklet-Creator ile yapmanız gereken tek şey  site […]

  10. 8/1/2007

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  11. 8/21/2007
  12. 8/27/2007

    […] Gradient avec CSS 20. Chicklet Creator – Créer des Boutons RSS pour votre site ou blog, plugin pour WordPress disponible. 21. Business Card Maker : Créer votre carte de visite et […]

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  19. 4/15/2008

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  20. 7/28/2008

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  21. 9/2/2008

    […] Chicklet Creator is very easy to use. You may download the plugin and read step by step instructions on how to install and configue the plugin here. […]

  22. 11/7/2008

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