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Feed My Cow. Catch me on Pownce. Skitch it Up.

For any of you readers that might also have Facebook account, please go feed or pet my cow. Hamburglar, that’s his name, is lonely and would love some attention. If you’d rather connect via Pownce, I’m now no that too. I’ll use it about as much as I do Twitter, and that’s not a whole […]


Now Twittering & Tumbling

I’m now on Twitter and Tumblr and checking them out. I actually signed up for Twitter a long time ago, but never used it. It’s like IM only to a wider audience or so I understand. I don’t really see the point. However, I do have cool Firefox extension that makes Twittering soooo easy. Now […]


14 Super Simple Ways to Get Things Done GTD

With everyone so obsessed with getting things done (GTD) I thought I’d share a few easy tips to get started on getting things done today. Stop Twittering. Only your stalkers need to know your every move. Turn of instant messaging. *bleep* Can you help me? *bleep* Can you fix this. *bleep* Are you ignoring me? […]