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As Seen In Mac Fan Magazine

If you pick up the latest edition of Mac Fan (Mac Fan 2006.3月号), a Japanese magazine, you’ll fine some of my work in the 2006 Online Software Encyclopedia. The Online Software Encyclopedia is a separate insert that goes out with the magazine and it includes desktops, icons, themes and screen savers for your Mac. Included […]


Apple Special Event Invite

It’s all the buzz, those Apple Special Event Invites. Check out this one I found. Pretty swanky isn’t it!! Ok, I’ll admit it, I created it in Fireworks this morning. Actually I created it for a contest over at I may just win a cup! 😀 Click on it for a bigger version that […]


Butler IS Mac Productivity

I’ve had Butler on my machine at work for a while but I really haven’t started using it until about a month ago and am I ever impressed. It has brought a whole new level of productivity to my day and I’m still learning the ins and outs. Here is a screen shot of my […]


Open winmail.dat files on a Mac

It’s bound to happen on a Mac. Someone will send you an email and tell you to check out the attachment. However, the only thing attached is a winmail.dat file. Good news though, you can open that file. TNEF’s Enough is a little freeware application that can open winmail.dat files and extract the attachment that […]